Penthouse House Rules

1. The "Silence Law" (approved by Ceará State Council in 23/11/2005) regulates noise emission between 22 hs e 7 hs. Please respect your neighbors and avoid police intervention keeping music at reasonable levels.

2. Each apartment is entitled to ONE parking space only.

3. Swimming pool use is allowed between 8 hs and 22 hs. It is forbidden to bring food and beverages into the pool. Please avoid using glass bottles at the garden to avoid accidents.

4. Please respect signs and DO NOT enter the swimming pool before cleaning yourself from sand. This damages the filter system leading to closure of the pool. Use the shower and taps at the garden. It is forbidden to wash kite equipment and clothes at the swimming pool!

5. Non-tenants are not allowed to put kite material in the garden (behind the wall). The Condominium personal cannot control who is coming in and out and we don't want to take responsibility for that material

6. Kites and kite equipment can only be in the garden for collecting (folding, cleaning and storing) – this to avoid a garden full of kites and stuff

7. Dogs cannot run free in the garden and the Manager of the Condominium has the right to take firm action if domestic animals cause problems for other tenants or owners (noise, hygiene, security)

8. The alarm system of the condominium is switched on between 18h30 hrs and 7:30 hrs. During this hours, you have to use the main gate only where the guard can identify you. Remember, this is for your own security!

9. Each apartment is entitled to ONE cleaning a week, at fixed day and time (dishes and laundry not included). It is not possible to change the schedule, nor to use the cleaning lady services for personal extra work.

10. Weekend rentals tenants are not allowed to have guests or bring people to use the swimming pool or other premises.

11. Long-term tenants are entitled to invite up to 4 (four) guests which have to be identified and registered at the gate at each visit. It is the tenant responsibility to assure his guests will respect the Condominium Regulation and respect the Condominium staff.

12. You are not allowed to change the number of occupants of the apartment without previous authorization from the owner or your rental agent) This has to be communicated to the staff and by email to the Condominium Manager.

13. When leaving the apartment, please check if lights and air conditioning are switched off.